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So much for Hooters providing everyone with a unique and enjoyable dining experience. Kisuk Cha, a 25-year-old Korean immigrant from Philadelphia, is suing a Hooters in Queens for discrimination after being given a receipt adorned with a racial slur. Cha and his girlfriend, who is also Korean, had just placed their order when they spotted employees "gawking and giggling" at them. After being served, Cha noticed that someone had typed "CHINX" into the customer name field.

Cha, who says he was "shocked," filed a suit with the Brooklyn Federal Court earlier this week. The suit is against Hooters America, the location in Fresh Meadows, and two of its employees. Cha is seeking damages for a violation of his federal, state, and common law rights. Hooters says that a 17-year-old hostess resigned after admitting to typing the slur. 

It's a damn shame when, in 2012, a couple can't even enjoy a meal at Hooters without this happening.

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[via Gothamist]