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So, let's get this straight: almost every girl in the United States swooned for Ryan Lochte during the Olympics and now, the chick who is essentially the embodiment of every girl in the country, Miss USA Olivia Culpo, is reportedly falling for him, too? Come on!

“It’s too early to say they’re ‘dating,’” a spokewoman for Lochte said. “They get along well and they’ve been to a couple events, but to my knowledge, they’re not ‘dating.’”

Although he didn't outright say "Jeah!" to the rumor, judging by what he told E! News, he's definitely feeling her.

"She is beautiful. I love hanging out with her. She has a great sense of humor, she makes me laugh, she's just a good girl to hang out with," said Lochte.

And she's not flat-out denying anything either.

“We just met last week, so I can’t say anything for that, but he’s a good guy," said Culpo.

The potential couple met during New York Fashion Week, which kicked off last Thursday. That said, we'll just wait and see if their romance goes out of style once the festivities are officially over.

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