Got any information on Mitt Romney's "unreleased tax returns, and/or details of his offshore accounts and business partnerships"? If so, Larry Flynt would like a word. Perhaps even a few. Flynt, the founder of adult magazine Hustler, has taken to posted ads in major newspapers like the Washington Post and USA Today seeking info on the GOP nominee's closet skeletons, and offering a reward totaling $1 million. 

Flynt's intended audience with this ad isn't quite the likes of you and I, however - the $1 million reward is the same total of the amount of ransom that some hackers who claim to have dirt on Romney requested last week. The hackers are threatening to release the documents if the ransom is not paid.

The deal offered by Flynt is valid only if the hackers produce legitimate proof that they possess the tax returns and other potentially damaging info on Romney that they say they do. You can check out an example of the ad that ran in the Washington Post today above.

[via Gawker]