Griselda Blanco, the infamous drug dealer who ran the storied Medellin Cartel, was shot and killed in Colombia yesterday. Reports say that two men on motorcycles rode past and opened fire as Blanco left a butcher's shop, striking her twice in the head. In an karmic turn, she was credited with using motorcycle-riding hit men for drive-bys.

Blanco, widely recognized as the "Godmother of Cocaine," spent close to twenty years in prison in the U.S. for drug trafficking and murders, including the killing of a 2-year-old boy detailed in the documentary Cocaine Cowboys. Blanco was deported to Colombia in 2004, where she kept a relatively low profile.

At the peak of her career, however, she was moving 3,400 pounds of blow a month in the U.S. and making $96 million a year. 

[via The Miami Herald and TMZ]