At an Assassin's Creed preview event in Boston last week, Ubisoft felt it would be pertinent to treat us reporter types to a trip through American history. Of course, in their version of American history, a half Native American Assassin fights off waves of redcoats during the Boston Tea Party.

But the newly reopened Tea Party Museum in Boston didn't seem to mind that and other historical…reconstructions on Ubisoft's part. In fact, they were more than happy to fly Ubisoft's Assassin flag high and proud.

It began with a meeting of revolutionaries, and as tempers swelled and ale was imbibed, things escalated until before we knew it, we were aboard a ship throwing the King's tea ino the Boston harbor. Granted, things may have played out slightly differently during the real Boston Tea Party, but we prefer Assassin's Creed 3's version to our text books'.

Check out our gallery of the event for a glimpse into the Boston Tea Party Museum and Ubisoft's slightly warped idea of historical accuracy (which we're totally okay with).

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