If you're looking to spice up your marriage, a threesome isn't necessarily the best idea. A Florida couple dared to venture over to the dark side by having a threesome that ended with one bullet and a ton of issues. David and Mindi Rice, both 29, invited a 24-year-old female friend into their bedroom last week, but shit got ugly when Rice woke to find her husband attempting to get it in with their friend behind her back. Let's just say, it got "explosive."

Furious, Rice retrieved her gun and threatened to shoot the other woman, but instead fired a round into the ceiling. Her husband managed to fight the weapon away from her, but then pointed it at her head while screaming, "Bitch, I’ll fucking kill you." He also discharged the weapon, striking a wall. The third party did the smart thing: called 911 and got the hell out of there.

After refusing to leave their home, the couple finally emerged and David Rice was Tased for attempting to fight with police. Both were jailed and charged with aggravated assault, while David Rice was also charged with obstructing officers. Sounds like their marital problems extended well beyond the bedroom.

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[via NY Daily News]