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The Sub-Zero [spine-ripping] one got the most attention. A lot of the stuff that we did was based on movies we saw. In Predator—that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie—there was a scene where one of the Predators did that to somebody. There was a scene when he pulled out somebody's head and there was a spine attached to it. We said, "Oh, we should do that." I think John Tobias suggested that one. My reaction was, "No, man, that's just too far. That's over-the-top," and then everybody who heard it said, "No, you've gotta do that." The whole idea was, "Okay, we'll mock it up and just see if people think it's too far." Then, everybody's like, "No, no, we've got to do it." That really set the pace of those over-the-top Fatalities.