Blacksocks, an online retailer of male underwear, has solved a problem that has probably plagued you one time or another: The losing of a lone sock after doing your laundry. Blacksocks now offers a line of socks with radio ID tags that can be tracked even during the wash.

The "Plus+" socks come with a RFID reader that corresponds with an iPhone via Bluetooth. The iPhone app can not only track the socks but it can also provide users with other data, like the amount of times the socks have been washed.

The Blacksocks app is free to download in the Apple App Store and is ready to use even if you don't own RFID-tagged socks. Have you ever been curious about the black level of your socks? With the app you can measure the black level of your socks with the iPhone camera. The black level measurement informs the user if its time to retire that pair of socks. It all sounds Impressive, and yet slightly overboard for socks.

However, flawless laundry load comes with great cost. Ten pairs of the Plus+ socks will run you $189. When the app determines that your the black level is off  you can purchase 10 more pairs for $120. You can order some now from the Blacksocks website

[via Digital Threads]