Usually, when people quit in grand fashion, they understand that they've burned some bridges. For Jason Selch, though, he assumed he had a "get out of jail free" card after mooning the executives at the bank in which he worked in 2005. 

Upset over his friend's firing, Selch stormed into a meeting of executives at Columbia Asset Management—a Bank of America subsidiary—and asked if he had a non-compete clause, was told he didn't, then promptly mooned the execs. He then told one of them never to return to Chicago, and walked out. For some reason, they decided not to fire him—well, not immediately, at least. 

When he was fired, he had the gall to sue to the company over breach of contract, because he was only given a formal warning, and he claims he was well-behaved after the incident. The judge panel only recently handed down its decision against Selch, who lost a multi-million dollar bonus in the loss.

Well, at least he got a cool story out of it, right? 

[via NBC News]