What you need: Rubber Bands; Alliance Sterling Ergonomically Correct Rubber Bands .25” x 3.5”, $5 

Risk level: Low

One of the most low-tech tips on this list, the rubber band method is also one of the simplest. For this trick, you need to make sure the rubber bands are thick enough for you to properly write notes on. We recommend ones at least .25” thick. 

  •  Take a rubber band and stretch it over one of your text books. 
  •  While stretched out, take a ball point pen and write out your notes. Make sure the text is written closely together; not to the point where you can’t make it out, but not super-stretched out. 
  •  Let the rubber band shrink back to its original size. 
  •  Wear it to the exam. The text will look like black blotches. When you need to peek at your notes, stretch it out.