What you need: Word processor software

Risk level: Low

Having a bit of trouble filling out the 10-page paper due in a few hours? Mess with the aesthetics. Traditionally, if students wanted to add length to their papers, they would increase the size of the margins and fonts, but that very rarely works. A more subtle way of lengthening your paper is to change the size of the periods. It’s easy:

  • In Microsoft Word, go to the “Edit” pull down menu and click “Find” 
  • Go to the “Replace” tab. You will see two text boxes: Enter “.” into both of them. 
  • Go to “More” and select the period in the second text box
  • Click the “Format” pull-down menu and click “Font” 
  • Select font size “14” and click OK. 
  • Click “Replace All” 
  • Your paper will jump at least a half-page in length. The longer your paper (the more periods), the more it will grow.