First appearance: Huntress #1 (1989)

We have nothing against the Huntress as a character, but she's so overmatched by the other female members of the Batman family, like Batgirl and Catwoman, that it’s almost redundant for her to be introduced to the masses. The only thing that separates her from Batman is her overly-violent philosophy towards fighting crime, but once you look past that, there really isn’t anything cinematic about her adventures.

She serves her role well in the Birds of Prey series and the occasional gust-starring role in a comic, but Batman’s supporting cast simply has no room for her most of the time. Also, any director would need to do a major overhaul to her bizarre costume to make her serviceable for film. Now, if Warner Bros. wants to put the new Batwoman on the screen then we’re all for it. Until then, we don’t need to settle for second best.