First appearance: Booster Gold #1 (1986)

An egotistical failure from the future, Booster Gold originally traveled back in time to become a celebrity superhero in hopes of getting rich off of his name. But none of that seemed to work out as Booster was constantly tasked with menial hero jobs, and was often ignored by the public at large.

This string of bad luck, coupled with his moral failings, actually made Booster an interesting character on the surface. But people soon realized that underneath the concept existed a dude with little personality and no real supporting cast to back him up.

DC has a hard enough time trying to convince audiences that its characters are worth catching in movie theaters; the last thing the company should do is try to promote a hero that has made a name for himself by being dangerously unqualified for the job in the first place. It's a concept that straddles the line between brilliant and corny, and we're afraid it might lean a little too much towards the latter for moviegoers.