The casualty: actor Mike Myers

As long as they keep making Shrek movies, Mike Myers won't truly ever be "dead," career-wise. Just don't expect any live-action comedies written by and starring the Saturday Night Live alum anytime soon. Sorry, Austin Powers fans, but 2008's The Love Guru basically obliterated any hopes of having a major studio fork over the big bucks to Mr. Myers.

The bad will technically started in 2003, when The Cat in the Hat was nominated for three Razzie awards, including a Worst Actor nod for Myers. Instead of returning to the Austin Powers franchise, which would have at least provided a safety net stitched with familiarity, Myers tried introducing a new zany character to the masses: Guru Maurice Pitka, a painfully unfunny (dare we say racist) creation surrounded by a plethora of potty humor and a startling lack of originality.

Budgeted at $62 million, The Love Guru barely inched its way to $41 million at the box office. And Myers avoided a losing streak at the Razzies when he scored the Worst Actor trophy for this Worst Picture winner. We doubt even Wayne Campbell could resurrect Myers' leading man status at this point.

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