The casualty: director Ron Underwood

Ron Underwood, as far as we're concerned, will forever earn a pass for directing one of our favorite monster movies (1990's Tremors) and the hilarious 1991 comedy City Slickers. Unfortunately, we don't run Hollywood; thus, the permeating stench emitted by his 2002 disaster The Adventures of Pluto Nash will continue to leave Underwood off the wish-lists of studio executives looking to bankroll films that people might actually see.

That's what happens when a director is given $100 million to make a sci-fi blockbuster with the once-bankable Eddie Murphy and barely cracks $7 million in ticket sales. Yup, with the monumentally underperforming Pluto Nash, the poor big-wigs who ponied up cash to finance the film lost upwards of $93 mil. And the closest Underwood has made it to multiplexes since was 2005's embarrassing Usher Raymond vehicle In the Mix.