The adult human skull is a hard protective shell that looks out for the brain, the body's command center. It can withstand a considerable amount of abuse, but a speeding bullet? A bit beyond its capabilities. So it's rare that a person gets shot in the head and walks away from it. Unless that person is in a movie.

Take Bangkok Revenge, martial artist Jon Foo's (Tekken) new action drama, in which a young boy looks on as a team of masked gunmen shoot and kill his parents. Not ones to leave a potential witness or vengeful survivor, they pop his top as well, only instead of killing him they merely destroy the part of his brain that feels emotion, so when he's all grown and trained in ass-kicking he doesn't feel the slightest remorse for beating anybody associated with the crime to death. That is what's known in the hit man community as a fail.

With head trauma on the brain, Complex gives you even more people who couldn't be brought down by a bullet to the bean: 15 Movie Characters that Survived Getting Shot in the Head.

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Written by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)