Following in his recent trend of political movies, director Robert Redford is back with his latest film, The Company You Keep. Unlike 2010’s The Conspirator, Redford brings us back into the modern day with a mystery about the legendary Weather Underground – a radical left-wing organization created in the ‘60s to overthrow the government through any means necessary. The movie details the arrest of one of the members (Susan Sarandon) in modern times as a young reporter (Shia LaBeouf) attempts to unravel the mystery around the group. This causes her former partner from the Weather Underground (Robert Redford) to go on the run to avoid the authorities.

Redford has assembled a brilliant cast for this picture that includes Terrence Howard, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliot, Chris Cooper, Stanley Tucci, and plenty of others. In any other movie there might be a concern that LaBeouf wouldn’t be able to keep up with a cast like this, but from the looks of this trailer, he’s more than capable of pulling his weight here. His character in this story is similar to what we’ve seen him do before, but there is a confidence in his acting that was lacking in the more commercial films he has starred in.

The Company You Keep looks more like a straight-up political thriller than a drama, which is quite different from Redford’s previous, more methodical work. Maybe it’s just the way the trailer is cut, but this might wind up being his most crowd-pleasing movie in recent memory.

[via The Playlist]