Want to take your digital exhibitionism to another level? The folks at CuteCircuit have just the thing for you: tshirtOS. Still in the concept phase, tshirtOS allows you to program a display embedded in a regular cotton t-shirt using your smartphone. The system would let you display pictures, videos, and even your Twitter feed on your t-shirt for all to see. 

The t-shirt would feature a thin display and a small computer with a battery. The smartphone would wirelessly connect to the shirt's built-in computer and send info to be displayed. CuteCircuit gave no idea of when the shirt would be made available to the public. Right now, its asking people to go to its Facebook page and share what you would use tshirtOS to do. 

One question: What happens when someone hacks into your t-shirt and displays a bunch of rachetness without your knowledge? Even better: What happens when some dude hops on your train in the morning with an inappropriate video playing? 

[via DVICE]