Best movie: Masters of the Universe(1987)

We can already hear the fury from film fans everywhere over this choice, but the fact is that Masters of the Universe isn't nearly as bad as people like to remember. Not only that, but we suggest that the movie is actually pretty damn good when you look at it in a certain way.

It’s filled to the brim with the type of madness that could have only emerged from the ‘80s, and because of that, there is a charm to the whole thing that makes it utterly engrossing to watch. Come on, what other movie features the great Frank Langella dressed up like a Shakespearian skeleton chewing the scenery for over an hour and a half?

It’s not in Langella’s delivery that this surreal piece of pop-art flourishes, though—it’s in Dolph Lundgren's pec-rippling acting. Physically he's the picture perfect representation of He-Man, but his accent and emotionless delivery make his performance stiff as a pint of scotch. Yet you can tell that the dude made a huge effort to try and capture the essence of the character, and for that we have to commend him. Plus, he can take a near-nude flogging with the best of them.

Runner-up: Universal Soldier (1992)

Dolph Lundgren has never been more at home than in Universal Soldier. In the movie he actually got to play the emotionless reanimated corpse of a dead military soldier, so his zombie-like acting chops were actually a positive thing here. And with Jean-Claude Van Damme and director Roland Emmerich on the project, no one expected miracles from this movie, but it would up being a pretty entertaining—albeit mindless—action flick.