In the event that you've managed to avoid TNT's summer TV media blitz, allow us to catch you up: Last week, the network's flagship series, and one of the biggest (numbers-wise) cable dramas to ever do it, The Closer ended its seven season run at the behest of star Kyra Sedgwick (who you may also remember from our gallery of The 50 Hottest Female Cops on TV Shows). Immediately following the finale was the premiere of Major Crimes, an instantly pointless sequel series that retains something like 80% of The Closer's supporting cast, with recurring guest star Mary McDonnell now in the driver's seat.

If it were up to the executives at TNT, The Closer would be mapping out plans to take it through season 15 right now, but in honoring their star they've just contributed to the long list of just plain bad ideas. For some reason, TV suits are historically bad at letting good franchises die an honorable death, and the inherently thirsty spin-off is born.

For every Frasier (spun off of Cheers) or Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), there are five more failures that take a character you liked on the original, or the OG series' main concept, and beat you over the head with it until the series is unceremoniously cancelled or manages to bamboozle audiences and execs alike and remain on the air for what seems like forever. We've collected the worst of both. Enjoy The 10 Worst TV Show Spin-offs.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)

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