Attacker: Lewis Powell
Date: April 14, 1865

US Secretary of State Seward was supposed to die on the same day that President Abraham Lincoln did, in an attack that coincided with John Wilkes Booth’s and another attack by George Atzerodt on then-Vice President Andrew Johnson. Powell's original intention had been to sneak into the Seward home under the excuse that he was delivering medicine for a bedridden Seward, who had been injured in a carriage accident nine days prior. He would then go to Seward’s room and kill him.

The plan went smoothly until Powell got into the home. He ran into Seward’s eldest son, Frederick, on the stairs, who informed him that Seward was sleeping and he’d take the medicine to his father himself. Powell panicked and tried to shoot Frederick, but his gun misfired, and he took to beating Frederick over the head with it instead.

Though this led to discovery by Seward’s daughter, Fanny, Powell kept on trying to carry out his plot, and barged into Seward’s room with a dagger. He stabbed Seward multiple times in the face and neck before fleeing, injuring Seward’s other son, a soldier, a nurse, and a messenger on his way out as well. They all survived and Powell was apprehended the next day at a boarding house, then later hanged for the presidential assassination conspiracy.