What makes a great workplace environment? While the answer may be different for each person, one thing is certain: having a good balance between work and the rest of your life is highly desired. A new list put together by company review site Glassdoor rates the top 25 companies that do just that.

 Out of the 25 companies, 12 are tech companies. The highest-ranking tech companies were Agilent Technologies (#3), Santa Clara, CA-based company that manufactures electronic test and measurement instruments, and SAS (#4), a business analytics software company. 

The highest ranking consumer technology companies were CareerBuilder.com (#5), LinkedIn (#8), and Orbitz (#12). The big story is the absence of Facebook, which was number seven on the list last year. 

Glassdoor uses 385,000 company reviews completed by employees over the past year. The reviews seek to find if employees are able to achieve a balance between their work and personal lives. The list focused on the companies that allow its workers to do so and offer worthwhile benefits. 

[via CNET]