With any new multi-platform release, PC gamers have a fear that their system of choice will play second-fiddle to consoles, but Square Enix shot out a press release today to let them know that that won't be the case for Sleeping Dogs.

The PC version of the True Crime revival will feature dozens of graphical enhancements, placing it visually far superior to its console counterparts, according to the publisher.

It's the only version that'll rock the high-resolution texture pack, and improved small object rendering, enhanced shadows technology and specific tweaks for dual- and quad-core setups are just a few of the reasons why the PC version of Sleeping Dogs will be the one to get.

And Sleeping Dogs on PC will also support key-mapping, 3D and multi monitors, and other features that PC gamers expect.

Plus, pre-ordering it on Steam gets Team Fortress 2 addicts access to eight new items in the "Triad Pack." Hm, we've always thought our Heavy would look better with a full-body sleeve of tattoos. And there's even a new King of the Hill map based on the streets of Hong Kong.

So which version of Sleeping Dogs will you be buying next week? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.