If you’ve been hearing about the comedian who Chris Rock saw perform a one man show called “The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour," and then co-signed all the way to his own late-night comedy series, you might be asking yourself, “just who is this W. Kamau Bell, anyway?” Well, you can check the video above for a range of opinions on the matter, including those of Mr. Rock himself, as well as folks who have caught a live taping of the new series Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, which shoots in Brooklyn.

In his show, Bell will dissect and skewer everything under the sun, from politics to pop culture and race to religion. The series premieres Thursday, August 9 at 11pm only on FX, a network that’s recently stepped up its late night game with BrandX with Russell Brand, and is now set to introduce us to another completely unique comic voice. Don’t forget to tune in and watch!