A candy store in New Mexico has been selling "blue meth" candy to pay homage to the extra-potent drug popularized by "Breaking Bad." For the record, it's just candy. Hey, you can't knock the hustle.  Debbie Hall, owner of The Candy Lady in Albuquerque, says the store supplied the show with fake blue meth when it first began. 

According to Hall, the candy's been moving just like Walter and Jesse's Blue Magic. Considering that the show is based in Albuquerque and the candy looks just like blue meth, it's not exactly rocket science. Or meth production. 

Still, despite the fun and games, there are some people that disapprove of the sale of the candy. The actual candy. Hall reminds the haters that "We're just playing on a television show." As long as she's doing it for the right reasons, Walter White would co-sign this practice.

[via Gawker]

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