Typically, when people mention liquor and sandwiches in the same sentence, the sandwich is to soak up the liquor. Manhattan panini shop Salumè has decided to skip a step and just serve liquor-soaked sandwiches. Here's how the explain it:

You’ve got a few options here. They’ve got one with Surryano ham and rye, and another with prosciutto, beets and scotch. There’s a crudo prosciutto with gin. Just taking home a couple pounds of the drizzled meat is another way to go. (Nothing goes with Kraft singles like gin-drizzled prosciutto.)

So do you need to be 21 to order this? That's not clear, but it's not like they're cooking the alcohol out of the sandwich. No, they really just serve you a liquored-up panini. That's pretty futuristic, yet still simple enough that any bored undergrad could've come up with it first. They probably wouldn't have had the gumption to turn it into a business, though.

[via The Huffington Post]