Zynga, makers of the all popular Facebook series of 'ville' games, is now on the recieving end of a copyright infringement lawsuit from EA. EA, never one to be trifiled with, claims that Zynga has blatantly lifted game design elements from EA's flagship property The Sims. 

This is not the first time Zynga has been accused of having their hands in the cookie jar. Other game developers have claimed that Zynga is guilty of cloning their properties, but EA looks like it's going to be the first to do anything about it. 

EA general manager Lucy Bradshaw had this to say, "We are the studio that has the financial and corporate resources to stand up and do something about it. Infringing a developer's copyright is not an acceptable practice in game development."

Sounds like fighting words to me. Stay tuned to see what happens. Take a look at the photos and decide for yourself.