If you were wondering about the status of Kat Stacks, we have an update: she's still facing deportation. The infamous groupie, who was like a combination Medusa/kryptonite to rappers over the years, is being held at a Louisiana immigration facility after a federal judge declared that she be deported to Venezuela.

Kat Stacks, who was born Andrea Herrera, grew up in Aventura, but came to the U.S. at the age of 8. She claims she was the victim of sex trafficking, and was busted on a prostitution charge in New York. Her lawyer is appealing the judge's decisions, and her mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas, is fighting to get her daughter a green card and citizenship. She also has custody of Herrera's 2-year-old son.

Her mother wants the Obama administration to help defer the deportation for two years while everyone around Herrera attempts to legitimize her. She may have pissed too many people off at this point, but good luck on that mission.

[via NBC Miami]