This summer was arguably the biggest movie season of all time, considering some of the biggest money-makers in cinema's history dropped over the last three months. Think about it: The Avengers is the third highest grossing movie ever, midnight showings for The Dark Knight Rises totaled $30 million and Prometheus, The Bourne LegacyTed, and The Amazing Spider-Man all made an impressive showing at the box office. Even the popcorn flicks that were eventually forgotten about were atop everyone's "Most Anticipated" lists before the summer movie season started, i.e. Battleship, Snow White and the Huntsman and Men in Black III.

The point is, a ton of people went to the movies multiple times this summer. And you know what happens after that? People talk to their bros and compare notes on everything from plot and action sequences to the biggest one, girls. They debate which (fictional) chick is hotter and why, usually saying things like, "But she was a prostitute!" "She looks so awkward!" or, the fan-favorite, "She's more of my kind of girl."

But is she really? End the debate over which blockbuster babe is right for you by being honest with yourself and answering this simple flowchart.

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