The new "Super Pan" pizza from Pizza Hut Malyasia might be the strangest food item available in Southeast Asia, and considering bizarre food products like this exist, that's saying a lot. Judging by the commercial, the new pizza appears to be a cross between a stuffed crust pizza and a Gusher. Only, what oozes out of the crust is not a gelatinous sugary substance, it's a savory "burst of garlic Napoli sauce and cheese!"

But forget the pizza you'll never get to order, can we talk about this commercial? As the committed actress puts the mystery slice into her mouth, yellow and red goo oozes out the other side, and suddenly her cheap-ass boyfriend (who has apparently taken her to Pizza Hut on a date) decides to put a ring on it. Later he'll glowingly recount the story of how he proposed in a chain restaurant to his friends: "There was just something about the way she swallows...a slice of oozy pizza." 

If this ad was an attempt to make us both hungry and uncomfortable all at once, they totally nailed it.

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[via Eater]