Imagine coming home from a peaceful vacation and finding bags of condoms and pubic hairs stashed in a corner. That's what happened to two young women from Stockholm after they rented their apartment on Airbnb. 

After a four-week vacation, the two women came home to discover that their apartment had been raided by the police for prostitution. While they were away, the guests—two prostitutes from Dublin—who rented their apartment via the online rental marketplace, Airbnb, turned their home into a temporary brothel. 

The Stockholm police were monitoring the movements of the Irish prostitutes since they entered the city. The only reason they were able to rent the apartment is because one of the owners said they looked "very high class, with business suits." When the owners returned they found a note from the police explaining why their apartment was raided: two call girls were caught "in flagrante delicto with clients." 


The only positive note? Upon hearing about the incident, Airbnb paid for the two owners to stay in one of Stockholm's nicest hotels while their apartment is professional cleaned. 

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[The Kernel via Gizmodo]