Contrary to the reports going around late last month that Aaron Sorkin had fired all but one person from his writing staff for The Newsroom, Sorkin himself is disputing those claims - saying he never fired anyone, just promoted two people. Speaking at the Television Critics Assocation press tour, Sorkin said:

"A couple of weeks ago, an un-sourced and untrue story appeared on the Internet that got repeated all over the place...the writing staff was not fired. Just seeing that in print scared the hell out of the staff. They’re acting very strange, they’re coming to work early, they’re being very polite to me.

Additionally, Sorkin took the time to clarify the rumor that he'd kept his ex-girlfriend on staff, saying:

"Even more important, I want to stand up for Corrine Kingsbury...she was incorrectly identified as my ex-girlfriend. She is not. I don’t have an ex-girlfriend nor a current girlfriend in the writers' room. I would hate for this rumor or implication to follow her for the rest of her career...she is on the staff for the same reason everyone else is on the staff. She is very talented, she has a sensibility that is very different from my own, and she’s an incredibly hard worker."

Sorkin went on to say that only a "couple" of changes were taking place in the writing staff, including the promotion of writers assistants to story editors, and the addition of paid consultants from a "wide range of media" - during season one, consultants were working on an unpaid basis.

[via Vulture]

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