Notable Restaurants: Casa Mono, Babbo, Del Posto
Twitter Handle: @Mariobatali

Arguably the biggest celebrity chef (in terms of achievements, and probably in size too) on this list, Batali’s star status doesn't diminish his reputation as one of NYC’s most significant chefs. With nine perpetually packed restaurants in NYC, from Italian standbys Babbo and Del Posto, to Spanish small plate tavern Casa Mono, to more casual outposts like Otto Pizzeria, to the game changing Italian marketplace Eataly, Batali is a king. His playful, robust cuisine dominates the city’s culinary landscape, and his cherubic face is ubiquitous on the airwaves, whether he's competing on Iron Chef, appearing in one of his regular segments on cooking talk show The Chew, taking road trips across Spain with Gwyneth Paltrow, or doing his thing on whatever cooking show he happens to helm at the moment.