Want to be in a movie? Toshiba and Intel may have just the opportunity for you. The two companies are teaming up to present a new social movie called The Beauty Inside, which will star Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winestead. And they need your help. 

The movie, directed by Sundance-winner Drake Doremus, centers around a guy named Alex who wakes up each morning as a different person. Toshiba and Intel are looking for people via the movie's Facebook page to fill the roles of all of the different people Alex will wake up as throughout the film. The movie will be broken down into a number of episodes, the first of which is set to premier on August 16, with the last one running on September 20. 

If you're wondering why Intel and Toshiba are going so hard for an experimental independent film, it's because throughout the movie Alex uses a Protege Ultrabook to document all his different appearances. 

[via Mashable]