Writer: John Layman
Artist: Rob Guillory

We here at Complex love Chew. It’s an incredibly smart, funny, and unique read that's unlike anything other comic companies are pumping out today. Chronicling the adventures of the woefully unlucky FDA agent Tony Chu, writer John Layman has created one of the freshest worlds in all of comics. Complete with bizarre, and often disgusting, humor, Chew is a comedy mixed with a detective story and topped off with a bit of the surreal.

So far this year, Tony Chu has been kidnapped by one of the many psychos he has inadvertently wronged over the years and was forced to help write a book about the sexual exploits of legendary baseball players. Meanwhile, his former partner was teamed up with a deranged cage-fighting chicken named Poyo in his absence. Not a lot of it was logical, but it was all hysterical.

Thanks to the always top-notch art by Rob Guillory, Chew is filled to the brink with both outlandish and subtle humor that demands multiple readings just to absorb all of it. It’s not an incredibly serious book, nor does it pull of any PR stunts to try and get people to buy it. Chew is, simply, one of the funniest titles on the market.