In the comic book world, the first half of 2012 will most likely be remembered for some controversial decisions made by the two pillars of the industry. First, DC got everyone’s blood boiling with the announcement of Before Watchmen, seven interconnected prequel miniseries based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic work.

Then, just recently, Marvel announced that it was going to try to trump DC’s New 52 initiative from last year by launching Marvel NOW! That may sound like the name of a terrible Broadway play, which is probably going to happen one day, but in reality it’s a complete relaunch of the company’s comic brand, scheduled for October. 

But don’t worry, this year has actually featured some great comics that didn't depend on controversy or shock value to get our attention. Everything from revived pulp icons to zombies and sci-fi love stories have lined store shelves for a year with just as many indie gems as mainstream ones. To guide you through the books you should pick up as soon as possible, we’re counting down The 25 Best Comic Books Of 2012 (So Far).

Written by Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1)

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