Because life really is just like a CW show, the drama surrounding the whole Kristen Stewart cheating scandal just keeps piling up. The most recent addition? Liberty Ross, the wife of director Rupert Sanders, has taken to the social networks to express her anger, if only fleetingly, about the situation. It started with Twitter, when Ross posted a few rather cryptic quotes from the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Maya Angelou before simply tweeting "Wow," after the news of the affair broke. The account was later deleted. 

Now, it seems that Ross has most recently taken to Instagram to diss Stewart, with whom she starred with in Sanders' Snow White and the Huntsman - playing her mother. According to E! Online, an account with the username "libertyross" posted a picture of a drunken, teary-eyed Disney-fied Snow White with no filter - AKA, you know she's being serious - with the caption, "Not so pretty or so pure afterall ....." It's unclear whether or not this is actually Ross' account, but it's since been set to private. 

Still, we've gotta say it: Buuuurn. Check out a screenshot of the Instagram photo above.

NuttyMadam3575, response?

[via E! Online, Gawker]

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