Back in late March, it was revealed that one of our favorite actresses, Olivia Munn, was in a new relationship. Yes, she was dating Joel Kinnaman, star of AMC's now-canceled series The Killing, and the upcoming reboot of Robocop, due in theaters around this time next summer.

Over the past few days, Munn's been spotted out and about with Kinnaman a bunch. They look like they make a cute couple.

"He is a super normal guy and she is a really down-to-earth girl and they just get each other," said a source. "They are on the same wavelength intellectually, and they have the same sense of humour. It's been going on for a little while and it's heading towards being serious. They are extremely happy together."

Munn's really moved on from being the geeky hot girl, it seems. We're just happy to have known her then.

[via Just Jared]