This right here speaks to the power of social media. What began as a simple, 16th birthday celebration turned into an explosion of sex, booze, drugs, and foam in Solon, OH. After a 16-year-old boy put the invitation to his party on Twitter and Facebook, 750 people showed up to the Grantwood Golf Course pavilion that he and his mother had rented. Things got turnt all way up. Tru.

When police arrived (because they always do), they witnessed rampant inappropriate behavior. Ten teens were arrested for underage drinking and drug possession, and only because the rest fled. Police found open bottles of beer and wine, plus small amounts of marijuana. Numerous teens were caught in compromising positions (read: sex) during the course of the raid.

Nobody was injured during the massive stampede that broke out when the cops showed up. There was a $10 entry fee for the party, which the kid and his mother will likely use to help clean this mess up. Kids will be kids, and this kid will be remembered for throwing one hell of a party.

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[via NY Daily News]