The next DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 will be released as a free download  on Xbox Live next Tuesday, according to Xbox Live's Major Nelson.

Simply called "Earth", all we know for sure about the DLC at the moment is that it will be multiplayer-focused. That said, given the title It's fair to assume that the content will be centered around maps set on our little blue planet.

Last month rumors indicated that the "Earth" DLC pack will feature three maps, set in Rio, Vancouver and London, while adding six new Human classes and at least three weapons. It should be noted that the same rumor correctly described the content of Mass Effect 3's recently released "Extended Cut" DLC, albeit rather vaguely.

Considering that the material is coming next week, I don't think we'll have to wait long to get the final word on what's coming in Mass Effect 3's "Earth" DLC, but until we do, why don't you guys tell us what you want to get out of it? Hit us up in the comments or on Twitter.

[Via Major Nelson]