A Reno, NV couple was hauled off to jail after their baby girl ate heroin that was inside of her peach. 23-year-old LorenaVizina and 25-year-old Justin Robinson are both being held on $20,000 bond at Washoe County Jail on charges for suspicion of child abuse. Both proud parents also admitted to being heroin and meth addicts.

Viznia says she did heroin on Saturday night, and that the baby was left in Robinson's care. Robinson says he left her alone for a few minutes, but when he returned, saw a powder-like substance on her mouth. Over the course of the next 45 minutes, he says he witnessed his daughter shake and roll her eyes before taking her to her grandparents to see if they noticed anything strange.

According to police, the little girl had blue lips and skin and was unresponsive. Blood tests revealed traces of codeine and morphine in her system. When Robinson was questioned, he said his daughter had ingested medication. Right.

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