Kim Kardashian isn't taking any chances this time around. Sources close to the reality TV star say she is determined not to let the rest of the Kardashian clan screw up her relationship with Kanye West.

"Kim has been telling her family members, and especially her mom Kris Jenner, to stay out of this relationship,” a friend tells "She doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do or how to act or what to say publicly about Kanye. Kim has said that she knows how to have a strong relationship and she doesn’t want anyone else to try and tell her the right thing to do.”

According to the source, Kim may have taken too many cues from her family with respect to her marriage to Kris Humphries, and this time around she'd rather they just stay in their lane.

"Kim totally trusts her mom and sisters... when it comes to business and relationship advice," the source says. "But this time she wants to make sure she does exactly what she wants to do and doesn’t feel pressured into anything by anyone. Kim wants to be in charge with Kanye.”

We're not exactly relationship experts, but knowing whatever we know about the Kardashians, they definitely look like they could ruin a romance. Kris Humphries must have felt like he was marrying the whole family. Poor guy.