It's summertime so it's safe to assume that you've either gone to Atlantic City or partaken in a weekend of debauchery with your boys in Las Vegas. Now, when you find yourself in a place with a slogan "Always Turned On" or nicknamed "Sin City," chances are you may also find yourself in a strip club. Or a few. When in Rome, right? But what happens if you're just not a strip club guy? Now calm down—we aren't saying you have something against naked ladies. But some guys, believe it or not, just aren't strip club fans. 

Why not? Well, for starters, some guys don't like to pay for it. Second, some guys don’t like lap dances. It's not everyone's thing. So, if you just aren’t a lap dance guy and/or don't want to shell out precious liquor money, allow us to guide you on cleverly avoiding being asked to pay for a public dry-humping session.

By Peter Hoare (@PeterHoare)