It's the final day of Steam's annual PC game summer sale, and you're likely feeling a micture of sadness that the deals are almost over and relief that you somehow managed to not bankrupt yourself.

Don't celebrate just yet, though, because there's still today for that.

Splinter Cell: Conviction, Bastion, Bioshock, Football Manager 2012, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, SPAZ, the Indie Bundle XI, and the Double Fine Bundle (including Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking) are all 75 percent off.

The daily community vote is between Mirror's Edge, Just Cause 2 and LA Noire, and there are still plenty of massive bundles on sale, not to mention yesterday's games.

So log into Steam again today, decide how much you can afford to blow, and have at it one last time. You'll be set until next year, right?

Have you wasted a lot of money on this year's summer sale? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

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