A Georgia man is in critical condition after having his friends set his head on fire as part of a bet. It was initially reported that William Bonner, 36, had his faced burned after getting into a fight at Allie Katz Bar in Augusta, GA. However, surveillance footage shows Bonner asking his friends to pour Bacardi 151 on his head and then ignite it with a match.

Anyone who's tasted 151 knows that not only will it burn your soul, it will also burn your throat and chest. Bonner, now known in the bar as "Ghost Rider" for his flaming dome, bet friends that he would light his head on fire. They didn't believe him. He proved them wrong.

Police say that no charges will be filed, as Bonner has suffered enough. Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider himself, would not approve of this stunt.

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[via Daily Mail UK]