Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two creator Warren Spector, who also happened to create two little games called Deus Ex and System Shock, made some bold claims to Polygon at Comic-Con.

He said the amount of player choice in Epic Mickey 2 is "at a level that will make people forget there was ever a game called Deus Ex or System Shock."

"You can befriend or defeat everything in the game," he said, adding that player choice "really, really, really, really, really makes a difference."

He said that in the first Epic Mickey, "gamers got that choices had consequences," but that "normal people didn't get it." That's a problem he's looking to address in the sequel, which will be divided into three main choice paths: one in which you erase everything with paint thinner, one in which you build the world up, and one path that's a mix of the two. Spector promised "really cool" rewards for each path.

Are you getting excited hearing all the things Spector has to say about Epic Mickey 2, or do you think he's just becoming the new Peter Molyneux—i.e. makes promises that his games simply cannot meet? Leave your thoughts below or on Twitter.