Super Meat Boy and Binding of Issac co-creator Edmund McMillen didn't just wake up one morning and start making great games. As with honing any type of skill, it took lots of practice, experimentation, and making a game about puking to get him to where he is today. Soon you'll be able to see McMillen's evolution for yourself, as he plans to release a compilation with eight of his early games for fans to take for a spin.

The Basement Collection, as he's calling it, includes Time Fcuk, Aether, Spewer, Grey Matter, Meat Boy (flash prototype), Triachnid, and a "secret game" that comes with new content, soundtracks, and difficulty modes. Most of the games come with some sort of additional content - most are getting achievements, for example - as well as concept art and access to early prototypes.

One thing seems to have remained the same since McMillen started making all these games, his odd sense of humor. One of his games is about an Emo boy's adventures in space. As I mentioned before, another game is about puking.

The Basement Collection will be available for a measly $4 on Steam when it comes out in late August. In the meantime, you can check out the original versions the games for free on McMillen's Newgrounds page.

[Via EdmundM]