Despite most men having heard that this is a myth, many still insist on thrusting their banana loaf into a cold oven without preheating the damn thing beforehand.

Silly metaphors aside, the lack of attention paid to foreplay is a serious issue plaguing women's sex lives everywhere. You should not even glance anywhere below her wast if you haven't kissed her, touched her breasts, and built up her desire to the point where she's ready to pull her hair out if she doesn't get some genital attention NOW.

If it's sexual selfishness that keeps you from paying the proper attention prior to getting down, consider how much better a woman feels when she's properly lubricated for the occasion.

Rather than diving in, ease in and prolong the act for as long as possible. It will elevate her sexual appetite and yours, and make you both impossibly amped up for intercourse. It will also make her feel like you truly care about her pleasure and not just your own, which (we hope) is a major plus in your book.