Some people are a little wary about Apple's Find My Friends app— the free and oft-neglected service designed to help you GPS track your friends and their statuses (while allowing yourself to be tracked in turn). But location-based networking and communication platforms are as hot as ever, and Apple isn't about to give up on FMF just yet. A new version of the app, to be released alongside iOS 6, will introduce additional features designed to make it even more useful.

In the next version of Find My Friends, you'll be able to send automatic notifications to specific people when ever you leave or arrive at a given location. The software does this by setting up a "geofence" around a building or geographic area that you're either in or headed toward. Whenever you cross the boundaries of the fence, a message automatically goes out to whom ever you've designated to receive it.

We'll never have to remember to let our parents know we made it home safe again.

[via Mashable]

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