We have an inkling that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic creator, Alan Moore, doesn't like Harry Potter that much. A sneaking suspicion, if you may. Why? It could be the fact that he more or less made a carbon copy of the boy who lived into the Antichrist in the latest installment of Gentlemen, maybe. 

From an article in the U.K.'s Independent

Though the words "Harry Potter" are never mentioned, the allusions are unmistakable. One section features a magical train hidden between platforms at King's Cross station which leads to a magical school. The Antichrist character has a hidden scar and a mentor named Riddle. (Lord Voldemort, born Tom Riddle, is Harry Potter's arch enemy in the Potter series.) Characters resembling both Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger also appear and, at one point, the Potter character kills someone with a lightning bolt from his flaccid penis.

Sounds like a job for Super Ray! Anyway, according to comics journalist Laura Sneddon in the same article, Moore's intention behind making Potter Antichrist-like has deeper meaning, and it acts specifically as a commentary on the publishing industry. "As the publishing industry takes fewer risks, originality is visibly dwindling," Sneddon commented, "while major franchises and celebrity biographies are relentlessly pushed upon us, Moore is always keen to point out that the League books are satire and that he has respect for all characters that he uses and hints at, expressing hope that people will look beyond the Harry Potter connection to appreciate the whole." 

Or he just really hates Harry Potter.

[via Vulture]